In the early 2000’s, Grey Wolf actually developed an eCommerce solution (named STORM). It was based upon APIs and enabled users to buy items from a browser. Within a couple of years, it was obvious that eCommerce was a core-competitency for other software developers to excel.

While Grey Wolf has partnered with several eCommerce software companies over the past several years, it has become obvious that some companies are going to use open-source software like Magento. So we decided to offer Magento Open Source as a hosted solution integrated with your ERP.

Altitude Logo

Grey Wolf is integrating with your ERP system through the Grey Wolf Web Services Lite.


As the Magento Open Source improves over time in the base system, Altitude eCommerce solution upgrades with those changes as well.


Altitude is Grey Wolf’s complete solution for distributor’s eCommerce integrated with your ERP.


The prerequisite for Altitude is Grey Wolf Web Services Lite.

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Videos and Screen Shots

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“Altitude WordPress”

Screen Shots


“eCommerce and EDI: Beyond P21”



“Altitude Uploader”



“Beyond Magento”



Activation Fee

This $400 fee is incurred each time you activate Altitude.

Monthly Fee

Grey Wolf hosts your Altitude environment. Your monthly fee can get as low as $0.01 per order or per payment.