Prophet 21

Epicor’s Prophet 21 is a Microsoft SQL Server-based ERP solution. Since it is MSSQL based, there are multiple solutions for integration with P21.

While there are other API solutions available for P21, Grey Wolf has brought their 10+ years of API development to the P21 world. That practical experience allows us to develop APIs and Web Services that are functional and robust.

P21 Cloud users are unable to load Grey Wolf’s APIs on their server.  Instead, Grey Wolf utilizes the P21 Middleware Server from Epicor.  While both environments have similarities, there are changes necessary to support the two independently.

Over time, the P21 APIs will grow and mature and be added to the “pool.” To see a complete listing of the APIs supported by Web Services, please click on the following link:

Product Videos


“Extending P21 with Web Services”



Activation Fee

This $400 fee is incurred each time you activate Web Services. It does not include the services required to install the APIs which are billed on a time and material basis.

Web Services Annual Subscription

The Grey Wolf APIs are billed on an annual basis.


The Lite Version is used for hosted Partner Connect, Nu Sync or Altitude. The subscription fee is $500 for the Lite Version.


The Full Version is used for all other scenarios. The subscription fee is $1500 for the Full Version.


Only one version is required.