Infor’s SX.enterprise is a Progress-based ERP solution. To ensure proper Progress licensing, we needed to separate the Grey Wolf Web Services from the APIs. The licensing is so important to Grey Wolf and Progress, that Progress VP, Jerry Kelly discusses the magnitude of the Progress licensing. You can find a copy of the letter here:

Infor’s CloudSuite Distribution (CSD) is a cloud-based ERP solution. Since Infor does not allow third-party applications to be loaded on their cloud server, Grey Wolf utilizes the ION API set which is available to all CSD users. While using the Infor APIs, the Grey Wolf Web Services are consistent across SX and CSD.

In 2005, Grey Wolf started the development of APIs for integration with SX.enterprise. Over time, those APIs have grown and matured into over 150 APIs in the “pool.” To see a complete listing of the APIs supported by Web Services, please click on the following link:

Product Videos


“Extending SX and CSD with Web Services”



Activation Fee

This $400 fee is incurred each time you activate Web Services. It does not include the services required to install the APIs which are billed on a time and material basis.

SX API Installation

Since the SX.enterprise environment is Progress based, there is an installation fee for the APIs. These are billed on a time and material basis and are estimated to be 5-8 hours in effort. Block of time agreements are available for this effort.

Web Services Annual Subscription

The required Progress licensing demands that there is an annual subscription for the APIs. This fee is $500 and is billed on the annual renewal date.


The Grey Wolf APIs are billed on an annual basis.


The Lite Version is used for hosted Partner Connect, Nu Sync or Altitude. The subscription fee is $500 for the Lite Version.


The Full Version is used for all other scenarios. The subscription fee is $1500 for the Full Version.


Only one version is required.